Who Will See The Light?

scan0034The following document looks at two broad and currently evolving situations in Madhya Pradesh in the context of displacement and tribes.

First, it examines the state decision to build and operate a nuclear power project in Chutka, a hamlet in Mandla district where the tribal population is in a majority. The project is being bitterly opposed and while the environment ministry is yet to give the project a green signal, there are fears that it soon will. If that happens, it will lead to a second displacement for people who have already been displaced once before.

Two, it looks at the harassment of forest-dwelling tribes like the Baiga, who live in or around national parks like Kanha (also part of Mandla district). Stringent tiger protection measures have translated into economic and legal problems for tribal people even though they are not implicated in poaching activities.

I intend to look at these two situations from the perspective of the local populations, to allow them to voice their fears in the light of their recent history, and to analyze state policy on relocation and rehabilitation with particular reference to the gap between theory and practice. Finally, I intend to point out that people can – and have – thought through the problems of relocation and come up with their own solutions, if only the state chooses to take them into confidence and treat their suggestions with respect.

Researcher - Annie Zaidi

Published By- Vikas Samvad

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