migration2Dharampura village of Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh has three Sahranas (small pieces of land at the outskirts of villages where Sahariyas live). The Sahariyas of Dharampura are landless, and all of them work as labourers. For 6-8 months of a year they are migrating, working in nearby towns like Dabra, Datia and Sheopur.

These people are extremely poor. Most of them are left with no money and no food when they return from migration. Indebtedness is common among them. During the migration period most of them do stonecutting work in mines. Some of them also do agricultural work on daily wages. They earn 40 rupees per day, which is much lower than the minimum daily wage ensured by the law. Getting adequate food remains a distant dream for almost all of these people throughout life. Malnourishment and poor nutrition is the destiny of every Sahariya child in this village.