Hunger and Maluntrition

Malnutrition is such a vicious circle, which apart from affecting the pregnant mothers also starts engulfing the yet to be born children. Such children see the light of day with a pre-determined fate coupled with poverty and hunger. Thus, they are born with all round darkness surrounding them with no ray of hope of any improvement in their future life. Malnutrition adversely affects not only the proper physical development of a person but also restricts the mental development.

In the absence of any proper and nutritious food to the children, particularly at their infant age – up to first 5 years, the problems emanating from mal-nutrition starts creeping in, which affects the resistant power within the children and various diseases starts over-powering them which ultimately culminates into death.

According to the National Family Health Survey III highlighted the fact that during last eight years (1998-2006), the percent of malnourished children had increased by a serious five percent. Owing to dearth of nutritious food, health facilities and family food insecurity, the percent of malnutrition (underweight) increased from 54% to 60.3%. It’s not the end of the story. It also says that only 14% children under the age of 3 Years breastfed within one hour of Birth and 82.6% of Children between the age of 6-35 Months (the most critical period of life for mental and physical development) are anemic.