Madhya Pradesh is continuously releasing news related to mother and child mortality. Health surveys conducted by various organizations are also proving poor health status of the State. Now disaster of malaria, dengue is also being faced. Government Hospitals of the State are failed in improving health of children, women and people of all category…….. Why? Why is it that the image that leaps to the mind when the words ‘government hospital’ are mentioned is of a filthy and foul smelling centre where ill-mannered behaviour of staff and corruption are the norm? Why can I never believe that if I or any of my relatives fall ill there is no need to worry because we can go to the government hospital to get our life back?

It is not as if we are looking for something special in a hospital but our faith in that institution continues to diminish. At the same time, why exactly are quality health services moving further and further beyond the reach of the common people? Is the government really committed to providing the people with such quality services?

Around 80% of births now take place in hospitals or health centres in Madhya Pradesh. But 54% of the posts for women’s health specialists currently lie vacant and around 5,000 women continue to die every year of birth-related complications.