Child Rights

India belongs to the comity of nations who have reaffirmed successively to global commitment towards the cause of children. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has been a watershed in the recognition of the basic needs of the child as their rights and 192 countries have accepted that the needs and the rights of the children are similar world over notwithstanding their socio-economic, geographical and cultural differentials. The ratification of the Convention by India signaled its solicitousness to furthering the rights of the children and was a step further from recognizing state’s obligation towards the welfare of the children in the Constitution of India-the highest legal document of the land. It reflected the country’s commitment to provide basic needs of life, health, and education, protection from exploitation and servitude and respect to the opinion to its over 400 million child population.  

Madhya Pradesh is one of from those states which are far behind the human development indices related to children. The  picture  related to Human  Development  Indices is  quite  worrisome,  especially for a state where nearly half (46.86%)* of the total  population  is  children,  the  financial  resources  and  its  distribution becomes very important.